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The 54Hub resources are organized according to different stages of the Promise54 Talent Lifecycle.
Read more about each phase below and explore the available resources!

Promise54 Talent Lifecycle


The process of supporting new hires in acclimating to organizational culture and transition into their roles. Effective onboarding should provide new staff with the necessary knowledge, relationships, tools, and skills to enable success while facilitating an understanding of the organization’s values and commitments and fostering a sense of connection, belonging, and engagement.

Performance Management

The full spectrum of organizational practices that support staff members’ ongoing growth and development. These can include goal setting, formal and informal feedback practices, coaching, mentoring, internal and external professional development opportunities, and formal evaluation processes.

Organizational Culture

This encompasses the full range of formal and informal practices that shape the work environment and staff members’ experiences within it. Organizational culture often includes communication patterns, collaboration practices, core values, decision-making approaches, leadership practices, stakeholder engagement, change management, and work-life mix. It supports and influences all phases of the Talent Lifecycle.

Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, and Antiracism

In a diverse, inclusive, equitable, and antiracist organization, the culture conveys that all people are valued, identity markers no longer predict staff outcomes, teams understand, represent, and center the communities they serve, and staff members consistently experience the conditions necessary to thrive. While we have collected resources here to support specific organizational efforts to consistently live out DEI and antiracism beliefs, DEI and antiracism must be infused throughout all aspects of the Talent Lifecycle.

Organizational Strategy

Outlines the vision, mission, theory of change, and a multi-year plan for creating impact. An organization’s overall strategy should guide resource allocation decisions, priorities, and investments over time and serve as the foundation to inform talent practices and structures throughout the Talent Lifecycle.

Talent Strategy

The foundation for an organization’s talent systems and culture. A talent strategy often includes core talent beliefs, organizational design, total rewards and compensation structures and policies, a multi-year talent plan, and the competencies believed to be predictive of success in a variety of staff roles.

Talent Acquisition

The process of sourcing, assessing, and hiring new staff members into an organization. This often includes an organization’s recruitment approaches and tools, selection materials and processes, compensation placement guidelines, and practices for spotting and interrupting bias throughout the recruitment and selection continuum.

Career Lattice

The policies, structures, and practices that support staff members to grow throughout their time with an organization. This can include development within a role, pathways for vertical promotions, and succession planning within the organization.

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